MapleXO wouldn't exist without the hands and hearts of some very important people.

Quincy Morris
- Shipping and Production Manager

When Quincy's not killing it at the MapleXO shop, you can find him out skating, walking through the streets of Portland, and with his nose buried in a book. He's a hard working human being, loves animals more than people (seriously... he's like an animal whisperer or something), and he kills it at skating. Look him up on instagram if you wanna see some rad photos with a witty perspective about the world (@scummyboy). We're so lucky to have him on board at MapleXO.

Spencer Crimin- Maker

In and out of the shop, Spencer might have one of the coolest auras about him of anyone I've met. Always cool and collected, and has a smile that could warm anyone's heart. He also kills it on a skateboard and carries that same aura about him while he does it. Besides skating and MapleXO-ing, Spencer can often be found DJing, walking backwards, and chilling out front of a Portland Coffee Shop with his friends... they always look like they own the sidewalk there. Stoked to be working with Spencer at MapleXO for over a year now.

The Gals: Britta Geisler and Sara Golden

These lovely ladies are the newest addition to the MapleXO team. Britta works on our social media and runs the MapleXO Tumblr. Sara wires our earrings and helps with quality control. Part of Paige Prendergast's Breeze Block Gallery, we're lucky to have these "gallerinas" using their skills for MapleXO.

Lindsay Jo Holmes: Owner

I started MapleXO in 2005 and I'm so grateful to be able to do what I do for a living. I owe a lot to those who've helped me to make MapleXO what it is today. Besides making skateboard jewelry, I love skating, baking, bike rides, playing guitar, making messes, and being around people I love.

Contact: Lindsay@MapleXO.com 

Big thank you to others who've made it all possible!

Paul Sykes is who originally taught me everything I know about power tools and woodworking. From machine maintenance and power tool safety, to mending my first wound from the drill press, MapleXO would never be where it is now with out his guidance. 

Seyi Sosa has been one of MapleXO's biggest supporters since day one. Always bringing new ideas, designs, and concepts to the table, he also puts in many hours programing for MapleXO and doing hands on labor. His inspiration really keeps us going strong. 

Chris has helped MapleXO from the early days, relied on him a lot for production work when we needed it most and he always came through. 

Connie Jan... there isn't enough we can say about this girl... from labor, to moral support, to time, brainstorming, design... she's really helped to build MXO. 

Jim Haas: is our number one guy for extra help when we need it.  

Also: Seth, Mae, Breanne, Alexa, Carmen, Amity, Linnea, Ryan Ray, Tim, Bucky, Jim, Amanda, Annette, Carl, Anne, Becky, Scott, Coz, Debbie, Yuji, George, Joe, Neal, Sid, Aunt Dani, Mom, Dad, Lauren, Landon, David, Jade, Kass, Bart, Richard, Kristi, Zane, Michelle, Metty, Barcus, Gina, Celeste, Justin, Mike, Spencer, Steve, Christian, Tubbs, Mark, Sarah, Xander, Jon... and all the rest of you (you know who you are!)


I’m a skateboarder and almost as much as I love skating itself, I love being a part of the skateboard community. It’s filled with amazing individuals who are all driven by the same fuel, the love of skateboarding. Recycling the boards has been my way to give back to this community by reducing the environmental footprint of skateboarding and giving the old boards new life. With such amazing art and talent that is put into the graphics and production of a skateboard deck, they deserve way more than to sit in a landfill after they’ve been skated.



Recycling skateboards wasn’t a new idea. People have been doing it since the 70’s and my first personal attempt wasn’t to make jewelry, it was to make a clock for my wall at home. Next I made a chalkboard, some magnets and eventually my friend Amanda and I just put the scraps from all these skateboard crafts on some earring hooks and wore them around. Didn’t think much of it until all my friends and people from work started asking me to make them some skateboard earrings. Looking back on it now is funny, because the earrings were literally raw pieces of broken skateboards dangling on ear wires. To be honest, the first pair may just have been random wire that we bent into makeshift earrings hooks! 

Once I started cutting into the boards for the purpose of making jewelry, I started discovering the amazing beauty and qualities inside the skateboards. I was somewhat familiar with the drill press (thanks to high school woodshop many years ago) so I started with cutting circles. From the circles, I created the first pair of recycled skateboard hoop earrings, and soon to follow were the bangles. 

I can still remember the day when I made the first pair of hoop earrings and the butterflies that came with that feeling. It must have been sometime around midnight at a woodshop in Portland. This middle-aged woodworker who built and restored church organs was hard at work and from across the shop I came running over to him to show him what I had just created. I was jumping up and down with excitement, like I had just invented the wheel and this poor guy put on a great, sweet face of acting like he cared about earrings and skateboards. I had to show someone! So that was that. The beginning of MapleXO and the world of recycled skateboard jewelry. It’s been quite a journey and I can’t wait for what’s around the corner.


Featured Product

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